Cradle of Christianity

After baseball, I drove downtown Fort Lauderdale to attend a special exhibit at the Musuem of Art, Fort Lauderdale to see an exhibit called “Cradle of Christianity.”

Check out the site here

It was a very interesting exhibit. I enjoyed seeing some of the artifacts from Israel and Byzantine, the Dead Sea scrolls and more. Of course, the exhibit states events in either Before Common Era (BCE) and Common Era (CE). I find this appaling at a Christian event.

On a different note, parking is very expensive in Fort Lauderdale. I spent about $6 to park near the museum. Then I drove down to the beach since the storms had not arrived and parked there for another $6! What’s up with that!!??

I did enjoy walking along the beach. The water felt great. I am planning to swim tomorrow if all goes well and the weather holds up. There are thunderstorms scheduled for every afternoon. Will see…