Culture shock, Starbucks, Dryers and AOL

I haven’t experienced much culture shock since being home. I have been to the supermarket, Best Buy, Wal Mart and even Starbucks! Being in these places hasn’t caused me too much trouble.

However, today I did some laundry and when I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, I realized how soft the clothes were and I didn’t have to iron the clothes. Wow! No ironing. Now that’s something and the softness felt great.

Dryers are available in Ukraine but I haven’t spent the money to buy one. I haven’t found it to be completely necessary. It’s just not a convenience that I have felt is needed. I guess if I had a family my feelings would be different.

I have been somewhat surprised by one thing not available too much here. All across Europe you can purchase pre-paid internet cards. No need to install software, just set up a new connection and go. So, when I arrived here, I have been to several stores and the only prepaid internet card I found was AOL. I really don’t like AOL, but I needed an internet provider for the month I am here, so I purchased it, loaded the software (augh) and got connected. While I’m not too happy about it, it is needed.