Day of Joy

Sunday, December 11, I was in Kiev attending a couple of services with part of our CP team.  We attended services at Grace Church, where I attended for a couple of years while living in Kiev, and her daughter church, Spirit of Life.

Spirit of Life is full of young people and lots of them.  Their music was much to loud for my liking, and realistically, too loud for the size of room they are in.  It was incredible to see many young people that I have witnessed grow up in Grace church now leading and serving.  Probably, the biggest joy for me was to see Alyosha.

I met Alyosha in the summer of 2004.  He was a 16 year old drug user.  He attended our summer camp and we became quick buddies, along with his best friend, Kostya.  Over the course of the next few months, we met several times.  I tried to influence him to give up his drugs, all the while he told me he didn’t have a problem.

In January 2005, I moved to Kazakhstan.  A month later, Alyosha decided to go to rehab.  A few months later, he decided to follow Christ.  I cannot tell you what joy filled my heart!  After I came back to Kiev in June 2005, I drove out to see him while he was in rehab.  He spent almost a year in rehab.

Since the summer of 2004, I have had a picture of Alyosha, Kosta and me on my refrigerator as a reminder to pray for them.  Unfortunately, Kosta is in prison for a couple of years.  Please pray for him to see the need for Christ in his life.

Alyosha moved back to Kiev and has done a great job.  He now serves in the daughter church of Grace.  When he walked in last Sunday, joy filled my heart.  I saw lots of “old” friends last Sunday, but I can tell you none of them were as great to see as Alyosha.