Days of our Lives (or something like that…)

Early this morning I visited the hair salon to get my hair cut.  It is a nice shop about a 5 minute walk from my apartment (another reason to love living in the center).

Oksana has been cutting my hair for over 2 years and she knows how I like it done.  We talked for a few minutes as she got started.  Her station is next to the TV that hangs on the wall and, as usual, there was a Russian soap opera on.  It is always interesting to see the interaction between the women that work in this salon as they discuss what is taking place on the TV.

This morning, one of the main characters on the show had a mental breakdown and Oksana stopped cutting my hair to watch the action on the TV (I guess this is better than her continue to cut my hair or shave my neck and not paying attention!).  One of the other ladies in the shop became animated and they began speaking really quickly.  It was quite amusing.

It reminded me of a time around 20 years ago when I lived in Lugansk, Ukraine and spent a couple of days in the infectious hospital and was basically quarantined.  One night I came out of my room and saw a large crowd at the end of the hall.  I walked down there and the nurses offered me a seat in their room.  I smiled as I saw that they were all watching “Santa Barbara”, an old US soap opera.  After the show ended, the nurses wanted to know if life in the US was really like what was portrayed on the show.  I assured them that it was not!

Some things transcend culture… I guess soap operas are such.  We really want to know how the others spend the days of their lives.