Decisions have impact

Recently I was meeting with someone.  He shared with me some issues he was going through and the decisions that led to some unpleasantness.

I shared with him about the decisions we make each and every day.  Many of these decisions only impact our individual lives, however, other decisions impact many.  Each decision could also come with additional consequences we might not see at the time.

As he shared with me what had happened, I did not believe that the situation was calling for such a drastic reaction, but I also realized that his decision didn’t actually affect me, but him.  It was his walk with the Lord that was involved, not mine.

I also thought about a friend who is a “recovering alcoholic” who refused to take communion in Ukraine because they use real wine.  At first I thought, it is just a sip of wine, how can that lead to something more.  However, since then, I have realized that my friend has set up boundaries and she is unwilling to cross those boundaries.  She knows her limits far better than I do.

So, as I spoke to this young man, I encouraged him in his struggle to stick by his boundaries.  He crossed those boundaries and needed to repent and try to make things right.

Since then, I asked him if he had had an opportunity to do that.  Even yesterday afternoon as we were enjoying a walk through the park, I encouraged him to do so as quickly as possible since the longer we wait, the further the things gets away from importance.  Last night, he sent me a text message that he had made things right and how much better he felt afterward.

This is what makes my life here so great.  I really didn’t do anything but listen and encourage him.  It is great to see people understand their lives in context of a relationship with their Father and how our every decision does have an impact.

2 thoughts on “Decisions have impact

  1. Joe;
    Your blog posting today could not have been more timely. This coming Sunday I am teaching my Sunday School class on the topic “Alcohol” with verses from Proverbs. By the way, I am an ex-alcoholic, not a recovering alcoholic, because Doctor Jesus cured me from my addiction.

  2. God is really using you to help people my brother! Matt 5:23-24 show how vital right relationships are to the Father. S Bogum!

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