There have been times when I have made some terrible decisions.  And, as usual, when one makes a terrible decision, there are consequences.

This morning, as I was in the Word, I read the story of David and Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11, which is full of bad decisions on David’s part.  Verse 2 says that David saw a woman bathing, and she was beautiful.

If only David had shown some restraint…

However, he didn’t and his decision set in motion a series of unfortunate events.  The woman got pregnant, David tried to have her husband, Uriah, lie with her (he didn’t).

Then David sent word to Uriah’s commander to put Uriah on the front lines of a battle, and then pull back so that Uriah would be killed.  Another amazing twist is that David used Uriah’s on hands to deliver the letter to his commander!

So, Uriah dies and then Bathsheba becomes David’s wife.  Now comes the part where the consequences happen…

The Lord is not happy with David’s decision making.  So, the Lord sent Nathan to rebuke David in 2 Samuel 12.  So, verse 15 says the Lord afflicted the child that Bathsheba bore to David.  David interceded on the child’s behalf.  Eventually, the child dies.  Verses 22-23 give some great insight.

While most of our decisions do not lead to death like in this story, our bad decisions can lead to equally difficult heartache and stress.  I still regret some of the stupid decisions I made even in my 20’s.

While I have sought forgiveness and have been forgiven, I still experience some sadness realizing the pain I caused.

As a Christ follower, I know that I must seek the Lord in all decisions.  I can have assurance that He hears me and desires the best for me.  It doesn’t always mean that I will not have troubles.  But, I can rest in knowing that He is always with me.