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I have been in Ukraine a little over 2 weeks already and I have already noticed some differences between young people in Ukraine and their counterparts in Kazakhstan and Rep of Georgia.

First off, it seems like many young women in Ukraine smoke.  I see them everywhere I go in Kyiv.  Most women in Kazakhstan do not smoke, and there weren’t many more in Georgia.

Secondly, the European influence is definitely more pronounced in Ukraine.  I realize that Ukraine is actually part of Europe and therefore more likely to have similarities than say the Caucasus or Central Asia.  Young men tend to have longer hair, tattoos and piercings moreso than their counterparts.

Just today I was on the escalator coming up from the metro and saw a young man with a hole in his ear lobe larger than my thumb.  I do not recall seeing one such young man in Kstan or Georgia.  Here in Kyiv it seems many young men have done such.

Please note that I am not saying these things are wrong or right.  I am just noticing these differences…

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