Different view…

Yesterday during a meeting I shared a little of my testimony of my very first trip to Kstan in 2005.  My supervisor joked that he was dropping me off in the desert.  I heard it so much that I began to believe it!

Well, after I knew that I would be moving to Karaganda in 2007, I began to pray for the Lord to give me different eyes to see here.  I didn’t want to believe that it was the desert here.  I remember last fall driving back to Karaganda from Astana.  Off to my left (east) I noticed this hilly range and while it was lightly raining where I was, it must have been snowing on the hills as they were covered with snow.

I was driving home this afternoon from Astana.  I was getting close to the hilly range (not tall enough to be mountains!!!) when I noticed directly in front of me a large hill.  While most of our snow has finally melted due to temps in the upper 40’s/ lower 50’s, this hill had lots of snow still on it.

I thanked God for the reminder of his creation and how much He loves me that He placed the hill just so I would see it!  Thank you Father!