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Dig my view?

Did you know that Lenin’s statue is the view from my kitchen window?  While it’s not the most photographic, here is a shot taken tonight.  Notice the moon… CCR’s song is still playing in my head… Don’t know who CCR are?  Google them…


  1. I remember the statue well.

  2. Mark,
    You should see it in winter… say January or February 🙂

  3. How’s that CCR song go…There’s a bad moon on the rise, or there’s a bathroom on the right?

  4. Don,
    I didn’t know that that some people heard “there’s a bathroom on the right” until last night! Kind of like the Kenny Rogers, “400 children and a crop i the field…” 🙂

  5. Joe,

    I hope to never see it in January or February. It was plenty cold for a MS boy in April.

  6. Mark,
    My image of a big biker dude afraid of a little cold weather has been tarnished. 🙂

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