Disappointment comes

From an early age, we learn about disappointment.  I bet most of us can remember going to the grocery store with our mother or father, and while waiting in the check out lane, our eyes gazed at all the delicious, sugary delectables.  Desiring one or all, we learned that our parents were not going to buy something just because we wanted it!  And making a scene usually didn’t help with getting said candy.

As we grew, we discovered that disappointment came when our team lost or we weren’t chosen to read the part in the program.  Those experiences hopefully helps prepare us for the disappointments that come in adulthood.  But is doesn’t take away the sting.

Friday, March 10, will be 17 weeks since my surgery.  I feel that I have made great strides in healing.  I started chemo recently and feel that momentum is being made.  Ultimately, everything I am doing now is to get me in the position to return to Ukraine later this year.

However, there has been one nagging situation… since my surgery, I have had at least one drain tube.  Numerous times I have “thought” the tube would be removed.  In January, when I thought the tube would be removed, I was admitted in the hospital and they actually added a second tube!  Talk about disappointment!

I was back at Baylor Dallas this morning for them to check my situation.  I was fairly certain that today would be the day!  My surgeon thought so as well.  However, the doctors said that while I was much better, and progress is being made, I needed the tube another month.

Well, I guess I don’t need to tell you that I was really disappointed in this news.

After leaving the hospital, my sister and I went to President George W Bush Museum.  My interest in going to the museum was to see President Bush’s paintings of wounded warriors.

Well, needless to say, the Lord gave me a little different perspective after seeing the paintings and reading some of their notes written to President Bush.  Seeing another person’s difficulties has a way of helping you understand what you may be going through at the time might not be the “big deal” you made it out to be.

I left feeling a bit differently than when I entered.  Early on in this journey, someone said to me, “If you are going to have a pity party, allow yourself 15 minutes and then move on.”  I know that I am incredibly blessed… I have a great support group in my family and friends that extends around the world.

Disappointment will surely come in various ways.  How we handle it will either build character or tear us down.  Ultimately, it is up to the person experiencing disappointment on which it will be.





3 thoughts on “Disappointment comes

  1. Great insight Joe. Praying for fewer disappointments and great victories in this journey.

  2. What an encouragement to read your post and be reminded of the victory which is already being won in you! Well written. We are praying for you. Praying that through all of this, many would move closer in their faith walk towards the Lord. Praying for your healing, that God would use you again for His glory in Ukraine. For protection from the enemy who seeks to derail the faithful and discourage the useful….for the more powerful we are in His kingdom the more heavily the enemy wants us destroyed.

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