Do they really believe me?

I just got off the phone ordering flowers for my aunt who is in a rehabilitation hospital trying to recover from several health issues.  The flower shop is in a very small community and I explained to her my situation about living overseas.

The lady was very nice and I called them specifically as I found a nice review for them on Google.  She asked me about the weather in Donetsk (why are we always curious about the weather!)… After some chitchat, she took my order and we hung up.

I have had similar conversations with other businesses and know that some of them didn’t probably didn’t believe me!  But, in this case, I am sure she did.

In other news, do you know how incredibly difficult it is to get information on a love one due to HIPAA laws?  It is extremely frustrating at times.  I remember when my mom was in the hospital and I was in Kazakhstan, and trying to get information on my mother’s condition was near IMPOSSIBLE.  I realize we need to protect people’s privacy, but there are times when it is frustrating.

When I called the rehab center, they were even hesitant to confirm that my aunt was even there!  I just wanted to make sure I was sending flowers to the right place!

I’m thankful in this case that the lady did believe me and hopefully, tomorrow afternoon, my aunt will have some nice flowers…