Do you know what an MK is?

MK is short for “Missionary kid” kind of like we use the PK for preacher’s kid. I may sound biased, but I think that we have some of the BEST MK’s right here in our field.

Yesterday, I went to meet some colleagues at the airport. The mother and father were flying up from Simferopol where they had been attending a conference. Their daughter had been in the states visiting her big sister and grandparents.

She actually arrived about a half hour before the parents. I met her and we waited for her parents to arrive. Her father called to let us know they had arrived and so we decided to meet them between the two terminals.

I decided to take her suitcases to the car. I did this so that they could have the first few moments alone. After loading the car, I was watching her. Her parents hadn’t arrived but then I saw her begin to run in the direction of the other terminal. I didn’t see her actually greet her parents, but it was an incredible feeling to know this teenager wasn’t afraid to run to greet her parents.

The other thing that amazed me was when I put her luggage in the car and I was amazed how light they were. People are only allowed 50 pounds in each of their 2 checked bags. Yet, here was a teenager who had been in the states and she didn’t load her suitcases to the max!!!

I don’t quite understand it as I have loaded my luggage to the brim both times I have been to the US. What a great, humble MK. She even still calls adults “sir” and “ma’am”. How great is that?!?