Donetsk in the evening

I went for an extended walk around the center of town this evening.  I left my apartment a little before 8 and stopped off in the park (which is 3 minutes away) to take some pics.

First off, I took some photos of the Millenium Restaurant (that is in a shape of a pyramid).  Next was the playground where lots of kids were enjoying the slightly cooler temps.  As I walked through the park, it was full of people enjoying the evening.  Lots of young people were talking and laughing, some dressed as if they were heading to the disco or a night out on the town.

I walked down to Artyoma Street and took more pics.  Not all the street and building lights were on, so I wasn’t able to get lots of the buildings I wanted to, but still able to get some good shots.

I walked around the Main Square where Lenin’s monument still proudly stands.  I was actually looking for a Ukrainian buffet restaurant that is supposed to be in the center and still haven’t found it.  I need some inexpensive places for the team that will be here next week.

Eventually, I headed back to Pushkina park, took a few more photos and then headed to the apartment.  It was great to get out and pray and walk around.  I really like the location of my apartment.  Is it noisy?  Of course it is a little.  Just as I was writing, a motorcycle revved up its motor and drove down the street near my apartment.

The city seems full of life.

3 thoughts on “Donetsk in the evening

  1. The buffet you are looking for is right off Lenin Square. Walk the direction Lenin is facing, past the fountain to the end of the walkway. You will be standing directly in front of a tall, distinguished government building, Turn left and walk to the corner. Cross the street, crossing the trolley tram lines, there, right in front of you is the buffet. Its called “Kartoffel Hata” (I think that’s what its called) Don’t take a team there to late in the evening, otherwise not much is left, and what is left is pretty stale. Lunch time is the best time to be there. Also, there is NY Pizza (same directions as above, but walk down the street, down hill, past the buffet a couple of blocks and you’ll see it on the right), very good pizza! Our favorite restaurant is on Pushkin, just past the Drama theater, but Pushkin’s statute, called Goosey Lebid. Its a little more pricey, but the best Ukrainian food in town (besides homemade). We feed a group of 10 for $80. (we pre-ordered and picked good, cheaper, items) Anyway… Hope this helps! Like your pics!

  2. Beth,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am still learning this city and that is why I got out and walked around. You see so much more by walking. I will look for the Xata and the NY Pizza places tomorrow. BTW, while walking on Artyoma, I found a Mexican food kiosk. They advertised burritos, tacos and fajitas. May go there for lunch to give it a try. The price was right!

  3. Yeah, it’s not buffet, but rather cafeteria style. Just on the other side of the Philharmonic Hall (Philharmonia).

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