As I contemplate what to write this morning, it is easy to get side-tracked.  After several days of snow, extreme cold and cloudy days, this morning it is clear skies, sunny and 10 degrees!  A “dreamy” kind of morning in eastern Ukraine, if it weren’t so cold!

Joseph was 17 years old and his father’s favorite.  His first dream showed his brothers “bowing” down to him.  Because of this, his brothers “hated him even more.” (Gen 37:8)  Then another dream had all his brothers and his father bowing down.  His father rebuked him, and his brothers were jealous.

Joseph’s dreams put in action a plan that God had for his family.  Many twists and turns will happen before Joseph or his family will see the bigger plan.

His brother’s jealousy led them to be deceived and they sold their brother into slavery.  In Gen 37, we read that he winds up in Egypt, and Jacob, Joseph’s father, mourning a son he thought was dead.  Deceit has a way of leading from one lie to another to another.

What dreams do I have?  Where do these dreams (or goals) come from?  Is God in the midst of those dreams?

As a person living cross-culturally, I have lots of dreams.  Most of them involve trying to help people live their lives seeking out God’s plan.  Starting new groups, new churches.  Discipling.

Like Joseph, it may take many years before seeing those dreams become real. I’m sure at the moment when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, his dreams were the farthest thing from his mind.  Yet, God had a plan.  A plan to use those dreams at just the right time.