Ending differently than it started

Several years ago, Daniel Powter sang a song, “Bad Day.”  I don’t remember listening to the words other than how catchy the phrase, Oh, you’ve had a bad day.”  That kind of describes how my day started.

You make all these plans, spending time writing emails, making phone calls to get everything organized.  Then all the sudden, you get an email from someone else that throws you for a moment into a tailspin. That describes my morning.  I have to admit that I let it get the best of me.

About an hour after all the ruckus, I received a phone call from my friend, O.  You may remember he is a Kurdish medical student from Syria.  He asked me what I was doing and if I had time to meet with him.  So, gladly I said, “Yes!”

The weather outside was perfect today.  Spring is Ukraine is hard to beat.  Mid 50’s with not a cloud in the sky!  I met up with O and we began walking along Pushkina Boulevard.  The park ladies were hard at work getting the ground ready to plant flowers.  There were lots of people in the park, sitting and chatting.

One of his friends, Y, called and so we invited him to meet up with us and then a few moments later. Then, their new buddy from Syria, B, joined us.  We walked around for some time and then decided to have lunch.

Last night I had found a Top 15 Things to do in Donetsk on Lonely Planet (not sure how or who compiled the list) and the first thing to do is eat at 3 Tolstyaka (which means 3 fat men or gluttons).  Since we were nearby, I suggested we go there.  After looking at the menu and prices the decision was made to go elsewhere.

So, since O and I had been to the place called “San Marco” and they have a business lunch for under $5 we walked there.  They were looking at some stuff in one of the nearby stores so I went in to the restaurant to see what was on the menu for today.  The waiter, Artur, shared that they were serving mashed potatoes and pork patty…

Well, now we had another dilemma.  All three of my friends are Muslim and don’t eat pork.  So, I walked out of the restaurant and laughed to myself.  We had walked all this way to find out they were serving pork!  By now, it was 2:15 and we were all getting hungry!  So I suggested we look at the regular menu to see if there was anything we could afford.

We decided to eat there and three of us had Chicken shasklik with home fries and the other had a chicken breast with mashed potatoes.  The food was pretty good and it cost each of us $7.50.  So, we all left happy!  After walking around some more, we split up and went our different ways.

I came home and rested my feet for an hour and decided to head to the mini-market near my home.  After collecting the things I needed at home, I went to check out.  The young lady was so rude to me, I thought, “wow, I am so glad I am not in her shoes.”

It was at that moment, when the Lord reminded me that I have been in her shoes most of the day.  So, as I walked out of the store, I said a quick prayer for her and for me.

2 thoughts on “Ending differently than it started

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that God will take the time to remind us of our bad attitude and allow us to mend our ways? Sometimes we forget how powerful and magnificent He is and just how amazing it is that He still cares about our attitudes. Thank you for sharing this story…..we all need it from time to time……..

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