English, please!

Last week, we began an English Club called Chat.  We decided on the word “Chat” because it is used in English and Russian and basically means the same in both languages.  Of course, the word has morphed in English and this meaning is used mostly in Russian.

There were 7 people show up last week.  We had a good time getting to know one another.  This week, a few more people showed up.  We have been discussing food and I showed them a short video.  They did some role playing and next week I think we will do some additionally acting on how to order at a restaurant.

It has been fun getting to know the students and hopefully we will learn from one another and be stretched.   I am amazed at the number of Ukrainian students who are getting proficient in English.  So, if you speak English and are looking for a fun ministry opportunity, come chat with us in Donetsk!!