ENGLISH… What's That?


I guess the biggest adjustment thus far has been not speaking English. To date, I haven’t met anyone in Karaganda that is a native English speaker. So, since I left Mick and David in Astana on Monday evening, I haven’t spoken but a couple of words in English (most of them to myself).

I’m not really worried about forgetting English since I do a fair amount of e-mailing, but certain words do seem to leave your vocabulary without use. I know a few times in Kiev, during conversation, a word would escape me.

On a brighter note, hopefully my Russian will dramatically improve. I need to find a conversation partner who can help me work on my grammar. The Russian language is complex with 6 cases and every noun is either male, female or neuter. So a word can have numerous endings depending on its usage.

Pray that I will get a better grip on the endings of Russian…and also that I don’t forget that other language I speak (what’s it called…oh, I remember, English!).

2 thoughts on “ENGLISH… What's That?

  1. How’s your Russian now? I’ve got a long way to go and short time to get there…hmm, Smokey and the Bandit just came to mind. Das vdanya, or something like that. That’s kinda the way it looks in my head anyway.

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