Enjoying Life in Kazakhstan

Spring time is one of my favorite times of the year. Trees are blooming, flowers budding, grass is turning green. And after a long winter, people return to the streets, parks and playground areas.

I play basketball twice a week and love the walk to the school gym. My favorite part of the walk is the play area between the apartment buildings near the school where there are lots of children playing games, mothers are taking their babies for a walk and many retired men are playing chess.

There are usually several groups of men playing and usually twice as many watching. Last week, it was cool one afternoon and there weren’t the usual groups of men. There was only one pair of men playing, but what I found interesting was that there were two teenagers standing there eagerly watching the game (probably trying to learn some great moves!).

I love the simple life here. I love that neighbors get out and enjoy each others company. I love that children are outside playing and enjoying life. Get out and enjoy life today.