Ever had one of those experiences???

Yesterday, I went to see the dentist. If you have been reading my prayer requests, you know that I have been experiencing pain since late November.

I went to the dentist in Kiev in January and she took x-rays and after consulting with another dentist, they couldn’t conclude there was anything wrong with my tooth.

I can tell you there is something wrong as when I bite down on food, there is pain. Also, when I drink or eat cold things there is pain.

Any way, she wants to tear out my bridge and start all over. Call me a skeptic, but I’m not ready to do that. I told the new dentist that I had to give it some thought.

So, as I was walking back to my apartment, I passed a young man. This young man asked me for some money for food. I had seen this young man near the center of town as I walked to the dentist office. I was wondering if he was following me which made me very cautious.

I kept on walking but there was something deep in my heart calling me to go back. My heart wanted to but my legs wouldn’t let me. After I was some distance from him I turned around and observed him. I looked around for some small mini-market or some place I could buy some food for him. There was nothing available.

I really wanted to go back, but I ignored the feeling and after seeing him turn down another road, I felt relieved. However, I know that I failed a test since immediately, God brought to my memory of the Samariatan on the side of the road and no one was willing to help him.

Please pray for my heart to not turn callous toward all beggars. Sometimes it becomes tiresome encountering all the beggars. However, I know that my heart needs to be in tune with the Lord in knowing when I am to help those truly in need.

I missed such an opportunity yesterday…