Experience at the movie theater

Late last year, one of the movie theater’s in Kiev began showing one film in English every week. I tried several times in January to go but it never worked out, then I headed for Kstan.

Well, since I have been back in Kiev, they haven’t shown a movie in English. Last week I finally called them and asked about the movies in English. They informed me that The Interpreter would be shown in English (usually once a day) starting today.

So, a group of us decided to go. It was my first time! I was quite excited about seeing a movie in English. I remember seeing part 3 of The Lord of the Rings here in Kiev, but it was in Russian.

Well, I must say, Sean Penn has definitely matured as a person and as an actor. I think the first movie I saw him in was a part where he was in prison. He did a fantastic job in the movie and Nicole Kidman is a head turner. (Why was Tom Cruise stupid and divorce her!) But I digress…

I won’t give away the plot unless you haven’t seen it, but I suggest seeing it as it was a good movie. Hopefully, that won’t be my last experience at the theater.