Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants

I purchased “Facing the Giants” while I was visiting my relatives in Ohio. I never had time to watch the movie until last night. The story is an incredible story of trials that come our way and our response. I must admit that I found several principles from “Experiencing God” in the movie.

While the acting in not the greatest, the story line was able to hold my attention. It seemed to flow okay. I did enjoy the movie and would recommend anyone to see it.

There were two things I liked about the movie. First, the idea that whatever you sense God leading you to do, do it until He shows you something differently. When the troubles hit the coach all in one day, he could have thrown in the towel. Instead, he surrendered his will to the Lord.

Second, that if we are going to praise God in the good times, we MUST be able to praise Him in the bad times. Right before I watched the movie, I received an update about my mom’s health and then news that one of my cousin’s has lung cancer in both lungs and also a brain tumor.

While it is difficult to receive news like this over the phone, it is even more difficult when you are half way around the world. However, as a Christian, I must be able to praise Him in the bad times. He is still God, He still sits on the throne, He is sovereign. He is still my Lord!

While my heart aches for my cousin, whom I love dearly, My Lord still deserves to be praised! We all face the giants in our lives from time to time. How we respond to them is where our character will be sharpened and defined.