Facts about Karaganda

Today I was at the Baptist Union office. They have a terrific map which indicates the major people groups in the major cities of Kazakhstan and of each oblast (like a state).

Here is the breakdown in the city of Karaganda and the oblast

Russians: 52.1%     42.3

Kazakhs: 27.5         40.1

Belorussians: 1.4     1.4

Koreans: 1.7             1.0

Tatars: 3.4               2.7

Germans: 3.7          3.2

Ukrainians: 5.8      5.3

Others: 4.4

I met with one brother who is of German descent. I asked him about how he viewed himself. He shared with me that while his Kazakhstani passport may report him as a German, he said that he is Russian. He speaks and thinks like a Russian. I asked him about other groups like Ukrainians, Belorussians, Moldovans. He said that he viewed them as Russians as well.

This was interesting insight. I struggle calling people who are Ukrainians (those living in Kstan, not Ukraine) and other Slavic groups as Russian. However, after speaking to this brother and others, I am beginning to understand that the Slavic people here view themselves as Russian.

Great info to know…

2 thoughts on “Facts about Karaganda

  1. That’s because most Slavic (and German too) people here are mixed with each other. My grandma belorussian; my wife half belorussian, half ukrainian. But all slavic people here speak Russian – our most important common thing is language.

  2. It was really important for me to hear this. It helps me understand the people a whole lot better. And you are right, the language is the common denominator and is what holds you together!

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