Fall and Football

The calendar reads November. I am a huge football fan. I especially love high school and college ball (they still play for the love of the game!).

The last couple of years that I lived in the Fort Worth/Dallas area I would spend most Fridays and some Saturdays going to high school playoff games. I remember seeing some great games at Texas Stadium. One year it was Ennis and Denton Ryan, another Southlake Carroll. Another time it was Stephenville. Great high school games.

I rarely rooted for one team or the other. I was there purely as a spectator, I wanted to see some great football. Rarely did I leave unsatisfied.

College football does the same for me. I love this time of year, watching the BIG rivalries. Texas and Texas A&M, USC – UCLA, and in years past it was Nebraska and Oklahoma. Then, of course, New Year’s Day would roll around and I would spend the whole day watching every game I could.

I miss those days the most. I don’t know if watching them on video would be the same (after the fact). I have never had the opportunity.

Another type of football is played here and the game has its fanatics as well. I enjoy going to the games. Last year, I had the opportunity to see Kiev Dynamo play teams from Germany, Italy and Spain. Dynamo didn’t make it to the UEFA league games this year, so it has been silent here.

I had thought about going to Germany next summer to see the World Cup. Ukraine and the US are going to be playing, but tickets are already being scalped for a premium. That would have been fun though!

So, those of you who are my friends, go watch a high school game in person or watch a college game for me. Root for the underdogs! That’s who I typically root for.

My favorite team is Texas. Go Longhorn! Go Vince, win the Heisman!