Fall Festival of Colors

I love to drive outside Kiev during the fall. The colors are typically beautiful! We have had such little rain that I was worried we wouldn’t have all the spectacular colors that we usually have.

Anyway, I had a preaching engagement in a village about 1 hour from Kiev on Sunday. I got up early since their services start at 9 a.m. I picked up another missionary friend that wanted to go with me.

As we were driving it began to rain, but nevertheless, we were still able to see the vibrant colors. If only it was a clear day.

The drive back was much nicer since the rain had stopped. I came back on a road that I was unfamiliar with, but still, driving through the forest was terrific. Bright yellows, deep reds set against the evergreen Pine trees was BEAUTIFUL.

For a Texas boy that never really experiences the changes of the seasons, it is very special to witness the wonder of God’s creation and the changing of the seasons. A word of advise to my family and friends in Texas, I know that there are not too many trees that change color like the north, but get outside your town anyway, drive through a forest and witness what God has waiting for you.