Fall in the city

I am so fortunate that I have an apartment in the center of the city. Yesterday, I needed to take something to a repair shop. It is within walking distance (15-20 minutes). However, I was in a rush, so I hopped on the city bus and was there in 5.

On my return to the apartment I walked. It is so nice living like this. I live within walking distance of 3 shopping centers (2 large grocery stores). Often it is easier for me to walk or take the bus when needing to get somewhere, since the place where I park the car is located near one shopping center and I think it would take more time to get the car out of the lot than to just walk. Plus, it is healthier!

When I lived here in 2005, I arrived in the middle of winter. Ice and snow were piled up, etc. As I knew that I would be returning to live here this summer, I prayed for the Lord to give me a LOVE for this place. Not just the people, but for the place as well. To be able to see the beauty in the landscape.

On one of my many trips to Astana this summer (3 hour drive from Karaganda), I was looking out across the vastness of the land. There aren’t a lot of trees in this part of Kazakhstan, but as I was looking out and saw the rolling hills I was taken by the beauty. It was at that time that I knew the Lord had answered my prayers.

So, as I returned from Astana last Saturday, I was noticing the trees in their many hues and thanking God for their beauty. As I arrived in the city, I noticed the many trees where the leaves were already falling and the leaves were piling up underneath the trees.

Fall is here and it is beautiful.