Fall is coming (here already??)

I arrived in Kiev on Saturday, October 1, in the afternoon. It was a beautiful afternoon. Clear skies and temps in the mid 70s. That night it probably got down to 55. On Sunday morning as I left for church, I noticed people wearing long sleeves and jackets.

I was to meet a friend near the train station on my way to church and as I was waiting for him I observed people going to various places. Most of them had on long sleeves or a jacket. A few people had on short sleeves, but not many.

Monday was another “warm” day, in the 70s, yet, most of the people had on jackets or long sleeves. Late in the evening I had to meet a missionary couple and the husband got out of his vehicle wearing shorts. He is hot natured and wears short sleeves under a coat most of the winter.

I, like him, am not ready to give up my short sleeves (or my shorts!). I guess I have a stubborn streak in me and if I start wearing long sleeves, in my mind, it means that I have given over to the thoughts of winter that lingers around the corner. And I’m not ready for that just yet.

Still, I know that sooner, than later, I, too, will be wearing long sleeves, a jacket, or anything else that will keep me warm. Can’t fall with warm temps last a few weeks longer?