Fall is here

The weather has turned decidedly cooler.  The temps of a month ago are now a memory.  It is has to believe that the 100’s we experienced the first week of August have now fallen into the 70’s.

I went for a long walk with a young Syrian man who is in Donetsk as a medical student.  He is in his fourth year of study.  It has been great getting to know him.  Definitely, he has a different view of the culture and life here in Donetsk.  I have appreciated hearing his insight.

Last night, there were so many people out walking.  Of course, with thousands of college students in the city now, there are just more people around.  It was interesting to see all the people out.

We haven’t had much rain in the last 2 months.  I realize the rainy season will be here soon, but some of the trees have already starting dropping their leaves and I don’t think it is from fall coming, but lack of rain.

It got cool enough last night I had to close some of the windows so that there wouldn’t be a draft.  Fall, indeed!