Family Thanksgiving

Our family had a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday after TG.  Mom’s church let us use their facilities.  We had a great group of people who were able to come.

My uncle Allen and his oldest son, Keith flew down from OH, an aunt from New Braunfels and another aunt from Hillsboro showed up.  Nieces from east Texas and MO came as well.  I didn’t get a count, but believe that around 40 people showed up.

One of my great nephews, Dane, has become quite a musician.  He has written a few songs and played one of them for us.

When at home, there are two places I have to eat.  One is Gene’s Tasty Burgers.  It is not mis-named.  The burgers are TASTY!  It was one of my mom’s favorite burgers and is one of mine as well.  The other place is Stanley’s.  While they, too, have tasty burgers, I eat a Beanie Burger there.  I was introduced to them while a journalism student at Midwestern.  Our newspaper adviser bought a BB for me once and after that I was hooked!  Then I got my mom hooked on them as well!  It was probably the last place I took my mom to eat before she died.  (I know, big spender, eh?!)

My uncle Allen grew up in WF.  Due to family hardships he went to Houston after finishing the 9th grade.  I took him to the Old HS to get his picture made.  Even though I had to leave early to return to Kstan, I had a great time visiting my family.

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