Aren’t family relationships difficult at times?

Jacob learned that lesson many times in his life, and of course, some of them were caused by his own poor decisions.  In Genesis 31, the Lord tells Jacob to “return to the land of your fathers and to your kindred, and I will be with you.” (verse 3)

Jacob did not have the best relationship with his father in law’s family.  They were jealous of how prosperous Jacob had become.  So, Jacob decides to take his family (which was quite large by this time) and return to his family.  His wives even said “whatever God has said to you, do.” (vs 16)

So they fled, without saying goodbye.  However, when his father in law, Laban, heard the news, he pursued them. Laban confronted Jacob, asking why he left and do not allow Laban to send them off.  yet, Jacob knew from experience that would never happen.

Jacob finally responded in verses 38-42.  Cooler heads prevailed and eventually Laban and Jacob departed in peace after making a covenant with each other.

I do not like confrontation.  I am a peace maker.  However, there are times when words need to be spoken.  And, almost immediately, healing begins the moment the words are spoken.

Often, the longer we wait to speak, the more agony we put ourselves through.  Jacob waited 20 years to speak his words to Laban.  Let’s not wait that long to bring healing to the family.