Far from typical

There was lots of talk in the US this past week about the weather.  One friend told me it was non stop weather talk in the Dallas Fort Worth area recently.

I wanted to share what it took for me to get to church this morning.  I live about 15-20 minutes from Gethsemane church in Donetsk.  I haven’t been driving there since the road to the church is nothing but a sheet of ice and the last time I was on the road I slid half way down the street, even though I was driving like 3-4 kph.

It usually takes 20-30 minutes on public transport so I left my apartment at 8:15 a.m. and walked to the bus stop one block from my apartment.  A small bus came fairly quickly and so I took it 3 stops to change over a tramvai.  The tram came quickly as well, and we took off. However, we stopped fairly quickly.

After sitting for a few minutes I asked what was going on.  Seemed like they were making some repairs to the train line just up the road.  The driver wasn’t sure how long the repairs would take so after 5 minutes of sitting on the bus, I got off with several other church members.

We walked over and asked one taxi driver to take us, but he didn’t want to due to the road leading to the church being so bad.  So, we discussed what to do and decided to take another small bus to a spot near the church and the walk the rest of the way.  So, we boarded the bus and were on our way.

Eventually, we exited the bus and began the walk.  We had really heavy snow yesterday, however, during the night, the temps rose and the melt began.  So, the trek was a mixture of ice, snow, water for the 15-20 minute walk.  There were two older grandmothers walking with us by now and we all trekked through the snow, ice and water mixture the whole walk to the church.

The major transport available to get to/from the church is the tram, so most of the members of the church were in a similar fate in getting to the service.  I knew there would be a bigger crowd than usual due to the Lord’s Supper being served.  So there were people coming in even later than usual.

After the service I debated whether to see if the tram line was open and in the end walked to the tram line where I waited over 20 minutes for the tram to appear.  When it did arrive, it was packed and I was barely able to get into the tram.

Often people ask me what a “typical” day is like.  I would not declare this as typical, but I will say the tram line is often broken down and so people are late for the services.  I do hope that people understand the steps believers here take in order to make it to their Sunday services.

2 thoughts on “Far from typical

  1. Thank you for sharing this, what amazing desire to be at church to fellowship with belivers and take the Lord’s Supper. I guess we are too soft here – we just cancel services – not sure about how I feel about it since we just aren’t equipped for such bad weather, it just stops us from doing anything, dangerous to walk or take a car, but it only last a day or two, this time 4 days which was rare. We are truly blessed with our weather conditions and should never complain!!!

  2. Rozan,
    I used to get frustrated with churches in Texas when they would cancel services. We depend too much on our cars and the police just don’t want the added people to the streets. However, we will find ourselves going crazy and will go shopping, out to eat, etc. Have services in the afternoon after some heating, etc.
    The people here are very hearty and just accept the conditions and go on.
    Glad your weather is doing better. Hopefully, this is our last blast of cold. It was -4 F when I woke up this morning.

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