Fast and Furious

Today is July 29.  It seems like just yesterday that I was still in the planning stage for the Russellville, Arkansas team at the end of May.  Now 2 months have passed and I wonder where the time went…?

It has been a great summer.  The Russellville team did a super job with a sports camp that they partnered with Gethsemane church in Donetsk.  While the weather didn’t necessarily cooperate, we still ended the week with good crowds for the children and youth sports camps.

After Russellville left, I had one week to prepare for a team of 11 from New Albany, Indiana.  They came to lead an English project at a school near my apartment.  While the numbers weren’t what I expected, we had a good turnout and I have lots of prospects to follow up with.

The New Albany team left on Friday night and on Monday I was the Bible study leader at a children’s VBS in a nearby town.  It was very interesting to try to be relevant to children ranging in age from 3 years old to almost 17.  There were over 20 youth who attended.  It was a great week and I really enjoyed my time in Yenakievo.

I preached at Yenakievo on Sunday and then drove to Kiev on Monday (almost 11 hours).  I went to Kiev to see my friends and colleagues, Charles and Bonnie, who are returning to the US after serving 8 years in Kiev.  The amazing thing is that Charles is well into his retirement, but sensed God’s calling for him and his wife to Ukraine.  Eight years is a long time for anyone, but to be his age and still willing to serve is very commendable.  I will definitely miss them.

I am now preparing to fly to Budapest on Saturday, via Warsaw, Poland and an 11 hour layover.  My Ukrainian visa expires soon and I must leave to get a new one.  So, I will be in Budapest for a week.  I enjoy Budapest so I am looking forward to being there (and there is a pretty decent Mexican food place!).

Hopefully it won’t be as hot in Budapest as it has been in Donetsk.  We are definitely in our hot season now.  I better remember this heat come January when it will be cold, but I’m sure that it will be a distant memory.  By the time I arrive home from Budapest, summer will just about be over and thoughts will turn to fall and new possibilities.

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  1. On the news just now they mentioned a mine colapse in Donetsk….
    sorry ……I pray that those involved will be touched by the Holy Spitit and that you will have an opportunity to communicate the Gospel to their families…..

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