Feb 13: Not a movie buff

I have never been a huge movie buff.  People ask me often if I have seen a certain, “big” movie and more likely than not, I must say no.

The past two nights, while in Budapest, I have watched two movies: The Kite Runner and The Boy in the Striped Pyjames.  I must say that both movie plots were excellent and they are movies worth watching again.  However, both movies have somewhat depressing themes and should not be watched on consecutive nights.

I mostly enjoy comedies and action movies, and these movies do not fit either genre, but are definitely good movies to watch.  Having lived in eastern Europe and been to several concentration camps and at least one Gulag, The Boy in the Striped Pyjames hit home with me.  Having living in central Asia and having met lots of great Afghanis, seeing the Kite Runner made many of their stories from home more alive for me.

So, while I may not be a movie buff, I sure enjoyed the last two movies I have seen.