Feb 15: Snow and sun

This morning I decided to visit the Synagogue in Budapest.  It is a beautiful, old building.  As I got on the tram, the snow began to fall, and by the time I got to the stop I needed, it was coming down quiet heavily.

It was cold, snowy and windy.  The synagogue was fairly cold inside.  It is a big building with 2 balconies.  I think I would have enjoyed it more had the weather cooperated a little more.

I left there to head to a shopping area and while the bus I was on was stopped to pick up passengers, a car slid into the back.  I knew what this would mean and after a couple of minutes, the driver came back and told all of us to get off the bus!  I wasn’t too sure where we were and so I asked a young couple and they spoke English and helped me get to where I was going!  BTW, the little car was no match for the bus!

After being indoors at the shopping center for a couple of hours, I got ready to head back to the place where I am staying and the sun was out.  Most of the sidewalks had been cleared and it was above freezing!  Quite a change from the morning.

By the time I reached the house, the sun was gone and the snow started falling again.  I shoveled some of the snow away from the entrance and then went inside.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I should have 3 new teeth (2 implants and a new crown) in my mouth, which means I will be heading home on Saturday.