Feb 18: What can I learn?

At 5 a.m. this morning, my stress level went up.  My taxi driver sent me a text message saying that his car was broken down and he couldn’t take me to the Budapest airport.  I called the taxi company number he sent me.  Almost 5 minutes later, they called to tell me that they didn’t have any drivers available.

So, I had to hunt for a taxi number.  Fortunately, I found one and they said a taxi would be there in 10 minutes.  After 15 minutes I called to find out where the taxi was as my time was running out!  As I was talking to the dispatcher, the taxi showed up.  I quickly got in the cab.

We arrived at the airport and the line was long.  Fortunately, I was able to get my boarding passes at the quick check in, but still had to wait to check my luggage.  There were 3 young Hungarian guys in front of me obviously on a ski team.  They had lots of luggage.  One of the Austrian ticket agents spent the rest of her morning getting them checked in.

Our plane was actually delayed leaving Buda for a couple of passengers, who happened to be these skiers.  They sat in front of me on the plane and I learned that they are biathletes  I had an idea what that meant, but asked one of them to be sure.  It is cross country skiing and rifle shooting.

My dear friends, Antonina and her brother, Artyom, met me at the airport.  They have done this a couple of time now.  They brought me home and Toni had prepared lunch for us.  How great is that?!?  A nice meal with friends waiting for me.

So what did I learn from today?  That even though my stress levels may go up and back down, friendship is what makes life wonderful.  Thanks to the great reminder from Toni and Artyom.