Feb 19: Of snow, batteries and opportunities

After my arrival home in Donetsk on Saturday, it began snowing in the evening and snowed all night.  So, a couple of more inches of snow are on the ground to add to what has already fallen.

I walked to the garage this morning to find my battery dead.  After living in Kazakhstan for 3 winters, you would think that I would have thought about taking the battery out of the car and putting it in my warm apartment, but I didn’t think it would be so cold for so long!

I shoveled the snow around the garage and then headed to the bus stop to catch the bus to church.  I was standing close to the street when a car passed by, covering me with snowy mud from head to toe!  For a moment, I just stood there wondering what just happened.  I tried brushing the mess off of me, but that made it worse.  So, I walked home to change clothes.

The CP team came over for lunch and to meet to do some planning.  Afterwards, a couple of the guys tried to help me get the car started.  No luck and they left.  I decided to go buy a battery when I met one of my neighbors.  He offered to help and we worked for over an hour to get the car started.

Finally, I called my mechanic.  I hate calling him on Sundays as he is also a pastor at the church I attend.  He offered to come and we worked on charging the battery for more than an hour and it finally started.  Almost 4 hours after I first started, meaning that I had been temps around 15 degrees.  My toes and fingers were cold, but not terribly.

The greatest thing that happened during the 4 hours: getting to share a little of my life with my neighbor.  I learned he doesn’t believe in anything spiritual.  He doesn’t call himself an atheist, although he said his father was.  I appreciated his honesty and felt our relationship went to a new level.

I did share with him that while he may not believe in a soul or spirit, he does have a good heart.  He stood outside with me for almost 2 hours.  He replied that he likes to help people, to which I replied, well, then, you believe in good works.  Like I said, it is a starting point at least to build upon.

So, while I may not have preferred to spend 4 hours of a Sunday in 15 degree temps, I found it all worthwhile in getting to know my neighbor.  “By this all people will know…”