Feb 21: Life is relationships

Today I drove up to Izum to meet colleagues from Kharkov, who were delivering some other colleagues from Budapest who are staying with me the next few days.  It was a nice drive up and didn’t get too bad until I almost got to Izum.

My colleagues were familiar with a place on the south side and so I stopped and waited for them to show up.  The place had a small cafe there and so we enjoyed a great meal that was reasonable.

The colleagues from Budapest piled into my car and we drove back to Donetsk just in time to get ready for the pizza party planned for tonight at my place. I love the chance to meet new people and was pleasantly surprised by all the folks who showed up.

We had some great conversation and fellowship time and then enjoyed pizza.  The pizza was good, but I really enjoyed getting to know some of the new people in attendance and especially the time with some old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Relationships are important to our lives and I love the opportunity God gives me to spend time with old friends and meeting new ones.  Today was a great day to see that happen!