Feb 24: Winter

The sun doesn’t shine often during the winter in the part of the world where I live.  So, when it does, one likes to get out and take advantage of it!  Thursday, I did just that!

It was a beautifully clear morning!  The sunshine beaming down on me and lighting up the room is what woke me up.  Of course, once I realized that the sun was out and the sky was clear, I jumped out of bed.  Immediately, I thanked the Father for the day and for offering this beautiful weather.

You see, I have guest at my house right now, and as it happened, I had planned for us to go on a long walking tour of the city, so the beautiful weather was a BONUS!  After breakfast, we bundled up and headed out.

First, I took Cile and Glenn to the Iron Works Park.  This park is developed in 2001 and has a variety of sculptures lining the walkways of the park.  They have sculptures of all the horoscope and recently developed a whole section devoted to the Euro 2012 championships.

With the sun shining brightly, it was a warm morning.  We walked along Artyoma street, the main street in the downtown area.  We walked past the central Orthodox church, universities and other businesses lining the street.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take them to see Paul, Ringo, John and George and the Liverpool complex.

We walked past the central library and the 5 star Donbass Palace and made our way to Lenin Sq.  Lenin still stands proudly over the square named after him and where multitudes of activities happen throughout the year.

We made our way to La Semeuse Coffee shop.  It had been more than a month since I had been there, so it was great to talk with my friend, Marat, for a few minutes before he headed out to their other new location.  I enjoy the atmosphere of this small shop.

Leaving there, we made our way to Pushkina Boulevard and walked back to my apartment.  I decided to take them to a souvenir shop near my apartment and we passed a Ukrainian lady who stopped us because she heard us speaking English.  She was a delightful lady who wanted to practice her English.

I love winter for the most part.  Growing up in Texas we never had much of the season, so as I have lived here, I have grown to appreciate it.  I don’t like that it can last for months and months and I am already longing for spring.  It is coming I know, but until then, I need to relish the days left of winter.