Feb 29: Leap Day

Since leaving Donetsk on Friday night I have had little to no access to the internet.  I have gone to McDonalds several times, however, their internet was working poorly or not at all.

I am testing a modem from one of our mobile companies and not too pleased with it.  It takes 20-30 seconds for a page to load and often the system will go offline.

Today happens only every 4 years.  Leap Day, Feb 29!  I remember a couple of people in my high school having birthdays on this day and they only getting to really celebrate their day every 4 years.

I am in in Kiev, attending a class on Strategy for organizing new churches.  The class is all in Russian and I have been pleased that I am understanding much of the lessons.  Being in class this week has also made me miss the intellectual stimulation brought from discussing ideas, etc in the classroom.

It has been great hearing from many of the brothers.  There is a brother from Azerbaijan and then the rest are from either eastern or western Ukraine.  Diverse cultures for sure!

However, great it is to be studying in class, I am ready to be home in Donetsk!  Ready to get winter over and that spring brings new opportunities.

I hope you have a great Lead Day and for those born on this day… Happy Leap Day Birthday!

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