February 11: High school basketball

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of attending a high school BB tourney in Budapest.  Five schools were involved in the tourney, 2 from Budapest, and one each from Kiev, Salzburg and Bucharest.

I remember the first time I ever saw a basketball game.  It was in the winter 1977.  I had an emergency appendectomy and I was in Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, TX.  There was absolutely nothing on TV on a Sunday afternoon but college basketball.  So I watched and I was hooked!

After I moved to Wichita Falls, I went to Austin for the first time to attend the HS state tourney with a good friend, Danny Kauffman.  That started a tradition for me to go to the tourney whenever I had the chance.  To this day, if I am in Texas in March, I make it a point to go to the tourney.  I would probably take my vacation every year in March if someone would buy me a ticket home and a ticket for the tourney!

Over the years I have seen some great players.  I saw Shaq one year!  I remember a guy from Duncanville who played at Kansas later.  However, i don’t think he ever did much in the pros!

Well, enough rabbit chasing.  The International Christian School in Budapest hosts a  high school tourney every year.  It happened to be this weekend.  I went with some colleagues to see the 3rd place girls and boys games along with the championship games.  Kiev Christian won the third place trophy, then the KCA girls won the girls tourney.  The final game featured the ICSB boys playing the American International School of Budapest.  It was a hard fought game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The ICSB boys won the game eventually.

So, I am fired up now to eventually watch some March Madness coming soon on a TV screen near me!  It was a good day!