February 12: goulash and DP Zero

After church this morning, a group of us went to a great Hungarian restaurant and had lunch.  I decided to go with some Hungarian goulash soup and a Spicy Chicken and pasta dish.

The goulash was delicious!  Maybe the best I have had in Budapest!  The Spicy chicken and pasta dish lived up to its name, it was spicy.  But not so spicy that it detracted from the overall flavor of the food.  There were 3 different colors of peppers served with a bed of wide pasta that had a great flavor that added to the spiciness of the chicken.  However, the portion was so huge that I only ate half of the plate, so I am looking forward to enjoying the rest sometime this week!

After lunch, I took a colleague to Culinaris.  A local store that carries lots of imported foods from around the world. The main reason for going there was to get some Dr Pepper Zero.  As far as I know, it is the only place in town to get it.  I paid 990 forints (around $4.50) for a 2 liter bottle.  I will enjoy every sip of it this week!

This store has lots of other American stuff like Reeces Cups, Pop Tarts, baking items and lots of cereals.  However, I was a good boy and refrained from it all (except the Reeces Cups, which I share with the colleague) and only bought the DP Zero and a bag of coffee from Vienna.  I have learned that I really like Viennese coffee.  It was a good day!