February 2: Rich Mullins

I am part of a Facebook reading group.  In January, we read through Proverbs and now we have begun Psalms.  Today I read Psalms 2.

Of course this Psalms begins with: “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?”  Which got me to thinking about Rich Mullins song “While the nations rage” and about his life.  My introduction to Rich Mullins was in the mid 80’s.

I was attending Faith Baptist Church in Wichita Falls.  Our pastor at the time, Sandy Sandlin, actually influenced my life in regards to Christian music.  He shared with the congregation once about KLTY, a Christian radio station in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area.  Living in WF meant that I could barely pick up the station, but I listened all the while.  That began me on a journey of learning to love all types of Christian music.

Anyway, someone from church heard that a guy named Rich Mullins was going to perform in concert at Ryder HS.  Several of us from the church decided to go.  There were a lot of people at the concert, but the thing that still sticks in my mind about Rich Mullins was how humble he was.  He came out wearing old jeans and no shoes!  I was struck by the no shoes!  Still am!

That concert was my introduction to Christian concerts and in the coming years I would attend as many as possible.  At this concert, I also remember Rich and his group singing the “Screen door” song and playing the cups.  It was fabulous.  I found a version on youtube Screen Door.

I still enjoy listening to his music and having learned his “Apostle’s Creed” song helped me on a test in seminary many years ago.  Although he died tragically at a young age, his music lives on.  If you haven’t heard him sing, you really should!


2 thoughts on “February 2: Rich Mullins

  1. “The Color Green” was the first common ground Toby and I established when we met and I remember we cried terribly when Rich died. I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to him. If you’ve never read “Arrow Pointing to Heaven,” it’s well worth the time.

    Prayers with you.

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