February 7: A little bit of home

After spending almost 2 hours in the dental chair today, I went to Starbucks to treat myself and to visit a colleague who was there waiting on his wife.  I find great comfort in walking into a Starbucks in places outside of the US.

What I like about it is that no matter the decor of the store, it seems a little piece of Americana is there.  The smell of the coffee, the atmosphere: music playing but not so loud that you can talk to another person, etc.

I love walking into the store and knowing that whoever is behind the counter will be wearing that fashionable green apron and more than likely they will have a smile on their face and they will speak English!  There may be a Starbucks outside the US where they don’t speak English, but I have yet to find one!

The bags of coffee will be for sale, along with the various mugs, and the sandwiches and treats. It is just so expected in the Starbucks and it brings a slice of home to the heart of one so far away from home.  Thanks Starbucks for bringing a little bit of home to me today in Budapest!

P.S.  Later this week (probably Friday) I will write my 900th post on the Ragan Report…

2 thoughts on “February 7: A little bit of home

  1. Thanks so much for the link to your blog! I thought for sure that you were going to add something about the “little slice of home” that you got after the coffee. I forgot to take pictures for MY blog so we’ll need to recreate the scene!!!

  2. Cile, I was sleepy when I posted last night and forgot to mention the homemade pizza and white chocolate chip cookies! Nevertheless, they were delicious!!!

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