February: Journaling

I am taking several people through Experiencing God.  It is one of the best courses I know that challenges believers to new heights.

One of the young men studying with me grew up in a family of believers and I think he is the fourth generation Baptist.  After the first week, he shared with me how he was moved by some of the things he read.

One group is studying the Russian version and the other young man is studying in English.  It has been challenging for me as well to take two groups through the study in different languages and they are in different weeks.

I have challenged them to try to journal every day in February.  So, I decided to take the challenge myself.  Not sure that I will have internet every day in February, but I am going to try to blog as often as possible.

At this moment I am watching BBC news and they are reporting more than 70 people in Egypt have been killed in post match riots.  It is sad news for sure.

I am out of Ukraine at the moment, but have been keeping up with the weather situation in Donetsk.  At this moment, it is -8 F (-22 C).  Now for my Texas friends and others who live in the south, that is COLD!!!  Having lived in Kazakhstan, I have seen it much colder, but the difference is the humidity.  Kstan tends to be dry, and UA has more humidity.