I have had a great few days of fellowship…

Fellowship with colleagues

I was in Kharkov for a 3 day seminar that IMB helped host.  My colleague and I helped some in the organizing of the seminar, but, most of the work was done by our friends and national partners.  I always enjoy fellowshipping with Linda because I learn so much from her.  She is so passionate about her work and the people she serves with.  Her love for the people of Kharkov is so evident.

Then, on Sunday, I drove to Kyiv.  I had lunch with Dan and Lori.  Both are long term M’s and so knowledgeable of the culture and the people.  It is always a joy to be with them and hear them speak so passionately for their work at the seminary.

Later that evening, I was invited to dinner with all IMBers in Kyiv.  I don’t see them very often and I am amazed at how well our TCK’s (MK’s) are growing in height and in walk with the Lord.  One of them recently decided to follow Jesus!  One of them has really sprouted up!  All of them seem to love to read! One is graduating this year and it was great to hear how he is trying to decide where to go to college in the US.  What a joy for this “uncle” to see them all!

Then to hear about the work going on in Kyiv in disciple making.  How great to know that the Lord is working in the hearts of Christ followers to make other disciples.  I learn so much from my colleagues and am thankful for everyone of them and their respective ministries.

While our team is small in Ukraine (compared to when I arrived in 2003), I count it a privilege to serve with those who have chosen to plant their lives here.

Fellowship with Ukrainians

Whenever I have the opportunity to be around Ukrainians, I know that I will grow in some way.  I will never completely know or understand the culture, but every chance like I had the last 5 days, allows me to grow one step closer.

My time in Kharkov was incredible.  I got to meet like minded believers from around Ukraine who are serving the Lord, using the talents He has given them.  It was so encouraging for me to hear of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in western Ukraine and the family who serves there.  Then, I got to spend about 20 minutes hearing how God is using brothers and sisters in numerous cities and villages along the war front to begin new work.  Just incredible that people have chosen to serve in dangerous areas.

So, my heart is full of memories right now from the times of fellowship I have had the last week. Thank you to those who continue to pray for the work in Ukraine.  Please keep praying!