Finding time

On Friday, I am leaving the country for a retreat and 3 days of sight seeing in Istanbul.  As usual, many things are demanding my time because I will be unavailable for much of those days.  So, I have had some incredibly busy and long days this week.

I am a people person.  I like meeting and visiting people and will usually make time for such activities, even at the spur of the moment.

I don’t plan to try to do too much on Wednesday because I need to spend time preparing for my English groups.  I try to meet with the few people who help with the group before we start.  However, the last two weeks several of the participants have showed up early to talk with me.

At first I was a little put out that they would come so early (one came an hour early), however, I have decided that this is okay.  Yesterday, one young man came 45 minutes early and actually stayed 1 hour after the class was over.  We had lots of time for me to learn about him, understand the issues he is facing and maybe offer some advice for his future.

After he left, I sat at my desk and finished one report that needed to be done.  I think I only have one more document done before I leave tomorrow and should have time to do so this afternoon.  Upon reflecting on the decisions I have made this week, I am thankful that the Lord has given me strength to visit with those who needed to talk, plus stay up later trying to get the other necessary work done.  For me, finding time to spend with others is the main purpose I am here.  I hope I am always available to do just that!