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First impression of US

A young lady that has attended some of my informal English classes is spending the summer in Virginia Beach. I asked her to send me her first impressions of the US, much the same as we ask US people to write down their first impressions when they go on a mission trip.

This is what she wrote…

I’m completely ok!  Today is the 3d day of staying here in Virginia Beach! And I am writing you now as you asked.I want to mention that the flight was too long (you know it). I was used to the speech by the second day. I just listened how people talked, their intonation and the manner of speech.  I like this place. The city is very beautiful!! The people are very polite and ready to help any time you need! It is strange for people from our country and all the CIS, I think. and now I think why our natives are not such people!?

(I, Joe, edited some of her sentences for grammar, not the spirit of what she wrote…)

Through other people’s eyes we can learn…

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