First Impressions

Well, the move to Karaganda, Kazakhstan is complete, for now. Most of my personal belongings are still in Kiev. This is a temporary assignment until I sense whether or not the Lord wants me to move permanently to Kazakhstan.

The apartment where I live is in a great location…right in the center of the city. I have a not-so-perfect view of Lenin’s statue that still stands proudly in the central park.

However, I do like the prospect of being so close to the central department store and the grocery store.

I haven’t walked much to explore what else is nearby since the weather is so cold here. It has been below zero since arriving, but today finally got up to 7! Hurray!

The locals tell me that it will warm up some this month but then the snow will come. They can experience blizzards here as well.
As with most Soviet style cities, the hot water is heated in a central location and then piped to the apartments. For some reason though, my hot water really smells rank. The cold water does not smell that bad.

Living the Great Adventure (smelly water or not!)

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  1. I just stumbled onto your site by doing a google search on shopping in Kazakhstan and there you were. My wife and I are moving to Karaganda or Timertau in August, we’re not sure which until we get our assignment. Now that you’ve had time to adjust is it a place you have come to love? Is the hot water still stinky? I am going to read all you blogs; I think I’ll get a lot of questions answered. E-mail me back, I’d love to converse with you.

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