First month of 2010

Do you say two thousand ten or twenty ten?  I have found that I say 20-10, but still refer to last year as two thousand nine.  Anyway, I cannot believe that we are already looking at the end of the first month.  Where did the month go?

I know I traveled to Richmond, VA for a week, however that was only 6 days… where has the other 25 days gone?  I remember as a child hearing, “time flies.”  As a child waiting for Christmas or my birthday to come, time sure didn’t seem to fly, just the opposite!  It crawled by.

It is hard to believe that February is upon us, bringing with it Groundhog day, Lincoln and Washington birthdays and well as Love Day.  And since the month only has 28 days, I will be writing soon and lamenting the question, “where has the month gone?”