First snow and other December happenings

I woke up this morning to find a light dusting of snow covering the ground, cars and anything else that stood in the way.  Shortly after 7:30 a.m. one young lady from Gethsemane church wrote me a text message: “First snow! Merry Christmas!”…

Isn’t it amazing that snow brings out the child in many of us.  I must admit that I was glad it had finally arrived, but also wanted it to wait just a few more days since I know we will have many more snow and cold days until the end of March!

I have had a friend, Bodgan from Kyiv, staying with me for the last few days.  We met in August on the train ride from Kyiv to Donetsk.  We departed that morning, but then later that day in August, I saw him in front of my apartment.  Isn’t it just like God!

I invited him to my apartment for coffee that late August day and we have become friends since.  His work brings him to Donetsk occasionally.  He is an engineer for a company that installs large generators for businesses.  So, he called me last week and told me that he would be in Donetsk for a few days and invited him to stay with me.

We have had some great conversations and he met many of my friends in Donetsk.  Also, we have had some great food.  I fixed Southwest Chicken one night and then a Texas steak and baked potato another night.  Today after he finished his work, he fixed some chicken in a mushroom and sour cream sauce that was delicious.

Later in the day, we walked to the park nearby and took some pictures.  Unfortunately, someone had shaken all the snow of the evergreens so you really can’t see much of the snow.  Also, I took a picture of some of the ladies that clean our park.  Their office is located in the basement of my building.  Most of them know there is a “foreigner” in the building (that’s me) and whenever I speak to them, they are always kind.  Here are a couple of them “at work!”

December has gotten off to a great start and I look forward to Saturday when I am supposed to experience some Syrian/ Kurdish food!