The last 5 days have been INCREDIBLE!!!  I have so enjoyed myself in Orlando, FL.  I have met some wonderful people while being here in Florida who have become my friends.

The family I have been staying with has 3 young children, ranging in ages of 7-12.  The two older kids are raising a cow and pig each to show in the 4-H fair that is beginning this Wednesday.  It has been fun getting to know them and to watch them feed their animals.

Today and tomorrow are “vacation” days for me as I will spend some time relaxing, and I hope to catch some spring training camps going on in South Orlando.  I am going to start out at the Atlanta Braves camps and then maybe move over to the Houston Astros.  There really isn’t anything “special” for me about these teams, it’s just that they are the closest to where I am!

I’m just hoping it isn’t going to rain tonight and tomorrow as they are forecasting…